Hotpot Family Feast


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Hotpot Family Feast
Hotpot Family Feast

Hotpot Family Feast

Dip it, sip it, eat it! Indulge in the ultimate hotpot feast conveniently packed with all your favourite ingredients. 

Box includes: 

  • Your choice of 2 soups (2L total) 
  • Meat slices (beef, lamb & chicken) 
  • Seafood platter (basa fish, banana prawns, mussels, squid tubes, baby octopus & clams) 
  • Fresh vegetables (baby corn & bok choy, Chinese cabbage, lotus, tomato & assorted mushrooms) 
  • Meat balls (seafood tofu corn curds, cheese tofu, fish balls with roe, fish sausage, golden scallops, crab nuggets, fish, taro & lobster balls) 
  • Noodles (instant, udon & egg) 
  • Condiments & sauces (sesame, sukiyaki, mushroom & chilli spice sauce + fresh shallot & coriander) 


Serves approx. 4 - 6 people 

*Please note this feast is NOT ready to eat & will need to be cooked - gas bottles & burners not included.

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